Which Trees Should You Plant


Your garden landscaping options are very wide and varied. You have many different choices that you can make when it comes to choosing landscaping options; you should definitely consider using trees in your landscaping. Many people forget to consider the trees on their properties but trees can be very useful. They will help set the aesthetic and functional mood for your garden. There are three basic kinds of trees that you can choose.

Three Kinds of Trees

There are three kinds of trees you should ask your Birmingham landscaping expert about.

  • The first kind of tree that you should consider is a shade tree. A shade tree is one that grows large, wide branches with large leaves. They are, as the name implies, best for providing large amounts of shade.
  • The second kind of tree is a flowering tree. While shade trees and fruit trees can produce flowers as well, a flowering tree is known for its flowers.
  • The final kind of tree is a fruit or nut tree. These produce edible fruits or nuts. They’re great because they produce flowers and they also provide you with fruit or nuts.

Which Kind?

Which kind of tree is right for you will depend largely on what you intend to do with your tree. A shade tree will help cut down on the wind hitting your house as well as the amount of sunlight. A fruit or a flowering tree will provide you with colour. Any of these would be a great choice for your garden.


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