What to Do if Your Locks Are Malfunctioning


If your locks are malfunctioning, that could manifest itself in several different ways. When you put your key into a lock, it presses a series of pins in a specific pattern. That pattern then allows you to turn the lock cylinder and unlock the door.  Problems can generally occur if there is something blocking the key from going into the lock, the pins don’t move freely, or the cylinder won’t turn. Whatever the case may be, you can call a locksmith to have this addressed.

Cylinder Problems

Locks have cylinders that need to turn. They also have clutches that engage and disengage the cylinder. If you’re having problems locking or unlocking your door, you need to call recommended lock repair services in Bromley.

  • The lock cylinder engages and disengages with a clutch. That clutch can malfunction and cause it to no longer spin properly.
  • That means it won’t open or close as you would expect.
  • The cylinder clutch can be replaced or repaired, but you’ll likely have that problem again. The best option is simply to have it replaced.

Have it Replaced

Having your lock replaced is a better option than trying to have it repaired. Many locksmiths will be able to repair your locks if you want, but it will be a longer-lasting solution to replace them. Furthermore, you can take advantage of some new innovations in lock technology. Recent locks have been advancing rapidly in what they are capable of doing. You should ask your locksmiths about what is right for you.

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