What Are Your Roofing Needs?


Many Australian homeowners are seeing the wisdom of using coated steel roofing on their homes. Not only is the roofing resistant to varying weather conditions, it also enhances the looks of a home. This type of metal roofing material can be installed to support the various design specifications of your home.

Coated steel roofing such as Colorbond is the most advanced and resilient roofing product made today. The metal roofing has been tested in some of Australia’s harshest environmental conditions. Plus, the metal roof is termite resistant and ideal for a decramastic roof replacements too.

What Is a Decramastic Roof?

A decramastic or pressed metal tile roof was often installed in the decades of the 1970s and 1980s. However, time has not shown favour to this type of roof. Decramastic and pressed metal roofs are vulnerable to denting. Once they are dented, they rarely are repairable.

The only way to take care of this type of roof, once it begins looking tired and worn or starts to leak, is to have a professional in house roofing in Perth replace the old roof with an improved roofing product, such as the aforementioned Colorbond product. Typically, when a home features a decramastic metal roof, a corrugated and galvanised sheet of metal will need to be removed before the new roof cladding can be installed.

Happily, roofers can supply one of various roof sheeting profiles for a roof replacement. You just need to ask you contractor for the best profile for the pitch of your house. You will also need to consider any heritage or visual considerations whilst making a decision.

Batten Support

When the roof is installed, roofers can install new metal battens as well. Doing so will ensure that your new metal roof will receive the proper batten support. Also, tie downs can be supplied to the whole roof installation to make sure that the tie down standards are met. In addition, roofers can scribe and finish the flashings and capping to ensure a professionally finished and weather-proof cover and seal.

Colour Choices

You just need to choose a roof colour that will complement your home’s design and exterior. Some of the colours include classic cream, woodland grey, ocean blue, cottage green, night sky, evening haze, and shale green. However, that is only a sampling of the colours you can select.

Some of the Benefits

Once you make a colour selection and the roof is installed, you will realise the following additional benefits:

  • The roof will increase the value of your home
  • A new roof enhances your home’s kerb appeal
  • The roof is corrosion-resistant
  • The steel that is used is thermally efficient
  • The roof will enable you to enjoy a lightweight and secure seal

As you can see, you cannot go wrong by choosing this type of roofing product. Take a look at the features online for yourself.



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