What Are Your Fascias and Soffits


The soffits and fascias are part of your roof. Your roof is made of many different elements that all come together to form a tight seal over your house. The soffits and fascias are not the roofing itself, but the parts that connect the roof. Typically, soffits are parts of the roof that run perpendicular to the ground. For example, the horizontal surface on your eaves would be the soffit. The fascias are the parts that connect the roofing and the soffits together. If you don’t have great soffits and fascias, you can have water leaking into your house whenever it rains.

Call a Roofer

Fortunately, a quality roofer can keep such a problem from happening. Good West Yorkshire roofers will inspect your soffits and fascias for common problems.

  • Rot is a problem for timber soffits and fascias.
  • Rot is actually a fungal infection in the timber of your roof.
  • Wet rot and dry rot are two different fungi that attack organic materials.
  • These experts will likely replace your timber elements with aluminium.

Aluminium Elements

Aluminium has become very popular for soffits and fascias, regardless of the type of roof you have. Aluminium is thinner than timber and more flexible. Because it is more flexible and thinner, it can make a much tighter seal. Furthermore, it is immune to the rot and decay that might plague wooden roofing elements. Aluminium will resist the kind of damage that can affect other materials; it also does not rust or corrode as a ferrous metal might. Overall, it’s a great choice for soffits and fascias.

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