Warning Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs to be Repaired


During the hottest months of the year, most places practically require an air conditioner to get by. If you are lucky enough to live in one of the few places that don’t need ac to beat the summer heat, then count yourself lucky. For everyone else, though, a properly working ac unit is a summer essential. There is no way to beat high temperatures and sticky humidity without one.

However, if your ac is not up to the demand, you could be left trying to find other ways to combat the heat. This is why it is important to keep an eye on signs that your ac may need to be serviced. Watching for these simple signs can give you a chance to catch an issue before it takes your whole system down.

Warmer Air

Obviously, if your ac is not blowing cold air, there is a problem. However, before you get the point o no cool air at all, you should notice there is a gradual warming of the air your ac is blowing out. You may notice you are adjusting the temperature more often because it feels hotter in your home, or you may be turning the blower up. If the temperature outside isn’t really changing and you have to increase the ac in your home, then something may be up and is worth getting checked out.

Less Air Flow

Suddenly noticing your ac isn’t blowing out as much air as it usually does is a sign something is wrong. Your ac should pump out the same amount of air continuously over a season. If the blower hasn’t been turned down, but it seems not as much air is coming out, then get it checked.


Part of your air conditioner’s job is to keep humidity and moisture out of your home. If you start to notice moisture in places it should not be, including leaking or puddling near the system, then something is going wrong. As your ac collects the moisture in the air, it should drain that moisture properly away from your home. Any puddling can mean there is a drainage issue that can affect the operation of your unit, so call for air conditioner repair services to take a look at it.

Odd Noises

Your air conditioner should operate generally the same all the time. The normal sounds should become background noise. However, if you start to notice you hear the ac running or you hear odd noises when it is running, then take notice. Something is not right.

Bad Smells

In general, your air conditioner should not smell at all. If you notice a smell of any kind, it is worth looking into. This includes musty smells. It is definitely important to get help for any burning smells.

Short Cycling

Short cycling is when your unit kicks on and off a lot. While normal operation does require the ac to come on and off to cool and maintain the chosen temperature, it should not do so often. As long as you don’t have your unit set to a temperature that requires it to constantly run, there should be time in between the cycling. Short cycling is a sign you have an issue that requires professional assistance.

Paying attention to the operation of your air conditioning unit is important. You can often catch issues when they are just starting. This helps to avoid serious problems that are costly to repair and prevents major damage to your unit. So, be vigilant about watching how your unit functions. Be aware any slight change could be a symptom of a problem. Get someone in to repair your unit at the first sign of trouble to avoid having a complete breakdown, which leaves you trying to battle the heat without your ac unit.

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