Wagner Power Tex for the distinctive look of your house.


Most of us always want to change our dream home with different elements that create elegance and attraction. Whether it is to change curtains, furniture, flooring or adding little elements for decorating home. But before all this stuff, we need to decide the color and the designs of the walls.

Nowadays, wall designs include textures, paints, papers and many other things to be done. Colors play a very important role in our lives. There is always that one perfect color to enhance the beauty of a particular room. There are cool shades, primary colors, warm tones and so on.

 Painting adds dimension and texture to simple walls. We often hire people for painting walls and ceilings and spend a good amount on it. But have to ever think that you can add texture and paint walls yourself. Nowadays, with advanced technology and upgraded tools, you can recreate your beautiful home easily. One of the finest tools used these days is texture sprayer. Power Tex Texture Sprayer is used by many professionals, to add beauty to ceilings and walls. The work of Power Tex Texture Sprayer doesn’t end here; you can create many designs on furniture with this sprayer.

We offer you the guide to decorating your home with Wagner Power Tex spray.

  • Power Tex is designed for the residential use of a water-based textured substance to beautiful ceiling, walls or any other surface. You can even texture small areas.
  • You can add texture to create a dramatic style, swirl pattern, Spanish knife texture or anything else. There are varieties of experiments can be done to your room from bold to elegant.
  •   Do not texture all the walls of your living room or bedroom; just add a single wall and little on the ceiling to enhance its beauty.
  • You can use the Faux finishing technique which helps you to create your walls textured and highlighted by using paint colors and glazes.
  • If you don’t like to mix and match many colors and want to go monochrome, you can go with a single color too.
  • You can use Power Tex on small elements like recreating your old basket to a nice wicker basket. You can add golden colors to Bar Stools to add beauty to it.
  • You can create your own customized garden pots with Wagner power Tex spray. Paint the pots of different colors and decorate it with ropes or other elements.
  • Painting and adding texture to ceilings can be a difficult task but with Power text, you don’t need to worry about it.
  • You can find varieties of designs available on texture on the Internet. Just have look at the videos available.

This tool is quite easy to use. Usually, a texture is considered as a messy job, but with Wagner Power Tex you can easily spray and use texture on walls, ceilings and give a finished look. You get a distinctive look, with its three different spray nozzle allow you to use a small, medium or a large volume of material for spraying. There is a manual provided with the product.

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