V6 and V8 Face-off


What makes one vacuum cleaner better than the other if they both have the same job, which is to clean floors or surfaces? Well, people may want something that does the job better and makes it easier for everybody to maneuver. If that is the case, comparing two models which are made by the same brand may be difficult for some people because they just think that they are the same. What they don’t know is that there are differences and at the same time similarities.

The brand Dyson created two models of which will be compared to finally find out what will be enough for a person to finally buy it and these are the dyson V6 vs V8. If you want to know more about these two wonderful models, you better keep on reading for you to find out!

First off, find out more about their similarities

Both of these are stick vacuums and come with a HEPA filter which is good for people with allergies. You need to wash these filters once a month, which will make it feel good as new and anyway; not washing it can block the filter which will result in your battery running out faster. These are trigger activated which means that you need to hold a button down in order for it to work, this can help you save battery life because you are just using the power when you need it to suck the dirt. Another similarity of the two is that it allows you to separate the head and use it as a handheld vacuum, but the v8 lasts longer due to its improved battery power.

Which is powerful?


Obviously, it’s the v8. The new and improved motor makes all of this possible and running at 425W compared to the v6 which only runs at 325W? The v6 doesn’t stand a chance. The v8 is applicable to those who have larger homes, while the v6 is perfect for those who have smaller houses. The boost mode of the v8 is even more impressive which last one minute longer than the v6 if used continuously.

Battery life: Which “lives” longer?

The v8 doubles up the battery life of the v6. It lasts up to 40mins while the v6 only lasts up to 20mins. The v8 is great for thorough cleaning, especially if you are cleaning a rather larger surface. 40mins is more than enough to do all of that and you get to save power especially if your house is not that big to clean up.

Does this make V8 easy to handle than the V6?

Unfortunately, no. they are pretty much the same with all of their similarities. The only difference that you may find in terms of easy handling is that the v8 is slightly lighter than the v6 which is 6.61 kg compared to 2.7 kg. Not much but can create a huge impact to those who want handy stuff and for the elderly too.

Now that you see why the most recent model of Dyson is much better, this doesn’t make V6 a boring option. As mentioned before, the V6 is great for those who own small houses or apartments. Anything that doesn’t need extensive cleaning, not like if you own big houses which can be hard if you don’t have something, like the V8, that could take care of it.


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