Top 3 Benefits of Furniture Restoration


If you own furniture that you love, over time it will sustain some wear and tear. While you have the option of replacing your furniture, you may want to refurbish it instead. This goes for all furniture and even doors as well. There are lots of refurbishing options to help you save money and hang on to the things you love for longer.

One of the first places to start when refinishing, refurbishing, or restoring furniture is to strip the paint or varnish. For this step, you may want to hire a paint and varnish stripping service for best results. If you’re still on the fence about whether to revamp or replace, below are the top three benefits of furniture restoration.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

When you choose to keep and recycle your furniture through restoration or refurbishing, you’re reducing your carbon footprint. It takes a lot more energy and produces more carbon dioxide to produce a new piece of furniture than it does to restore an existing one. So, you’ll be making the environmentally conscious choice if you choose to restore or refurbish your old furniture instead of buying new.

Make Something New

One of the best parts about refurbishing your current furniture is that you can help make something new out of something you already love. Or, if you don’t love your current furniture, it can be revamped to become a piece you do love.

Save Money

Last but not least, you’ll save money. You can extend the life of older furniture by up to 20 years by simply by refinishing and repainting it along with adding new upholstery. The cost of new furniture is much higher, and you might not get exactly what you want. Refurbishing guarantees more customisability, so you can achieve a new piece for your home while saving money too.

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