Is it Time to Revamp Your Cooling or Heating System


Heat pumps are devices that can be used to heat or cool air. During the winter months, the pumps transfer heat from one location to the next by the use of a compressor. Inside the compressor, a refrigerant liquid circulates heat extracted from the outside for transport inside. Using this method consumes less electricity than when electricity is converted into heat. Therefore, when summer arrives, the cycle is reversed, thereby transforming the unit into an air conditioner.

A Highly Efficient System

Heat pumps today represent the best option to heating and cooling systems that use oil, fuel, and electricity. Heat pumps supply more in the way of cooling and heat than the amount of electricity used to run the system. Therefore, efficiency can be as high as 300%.

Companies such as H&D Air Conditioning install heat pumps and indicate that the costs for the systems will vary depending on the pump. Plus, you also have to factor the operational costs of these types of systems into the equation. Because heat pumps are highly efficient, you can recoup the cost of an installation over a fairly short period of time.

Worthwhile Upgrades

Therefore, heat pumps offer multiple benefits to the homeowner. As a result, they are considered worthwhile upgrades. Some of these benefits include safety, running costs, environmental advantages, and maintenance.

For example, a heat pump is much safer to run that a heating and cooling system that is based on combustion. Plus, as noted, the pumps are proven to be less expensive to operate than gas or oil boilers. In addition, a heat pump lowers carbon emissions. Pumps have been proven to provide an effective conversion rate from energy to heat as well. Homeowners who install the systems say they find that the maintenance is reduced than when a combustible heating system was used.

A Durable Heating and Cooling System

The longevity of a heat pump is also impressive. Typically, you can run this type of heating and cooling device for as long as five decades. Therefore, a heat pump proves to be a steady and dependable source for heat. When you review heat pumps for installation, check to see if you may be eligible for payment under the RHI (renewable heat incentive) scheme.

With that being said, you still have to be aware that heat pumps are not inexpensive. However, as noted, you can recoup your investment over time. Because you enjoy savings on your utilities, you will save money on these types of costs.

Some of the fluids that are used in a heat pump may raise environmental concerns. Therefore, make sure that you add liquids that are considered biodegradable. Also, keep in mind that a heat pump system can be a complicated and disruptive installation. However, once you have the device installed, you will be glad that you made this type of sacrifice. It is a small price to pay when you measure the benefits comparatively.

So, are you ready to make a change? If your heating and cooling system is too expensive to run, it may be time to think about making a switch to a heat pump.


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