Strategies You Can Use to Make Money with Cheap Self-Storage Units


Nowadays, self-storage is becoming more popular than ever and it’s being utilised by a whole host of people for many different reasons. Whether it’s for storing a caravan or documents to keeping one’s personal library, self-storage is now being used more than ever before. If you’re looking for somewhere to make a few extra pounds and just don’t have the space at home, or you can’t be bothered with in going through all the hassle of opening a shop due to the outrageous prices for rental is just too high, think about using self-storage.

A lot of people already are and raking in money, which you should be making too. Let’s have a look at some ways for you to make some extra honest money from the usage of these very convenient services.

Computer Repairs and Restoration

Got a knack for things in the field of computers? Easy at repairing problems with your own, your family member’s or your friends’ computers? Well, how about making some cash from doing just that? Add in printers to that also, and any other kind of hardware and away you go. Easy as that.

Online Trading

How about making a living or some additional income from the selling of item online? You must have heard the stories about people doing business on or Be it anything from natural health products to local products which may not be easily available elsewhere. If you’re seeking secure storage in Weston-Super-Mare, there has to be something you can do.

Vehicle Renovation

Again, if you are knowledgeable with regards to restoring vehicle and would like to do it as a hobby, and make some extra income whilst doing it, why not put your skills to use? A simple self-storage unit by itself is enough to fit one car, and who knows? Should your work become popular, you may even have to expand!

Furniture Making (or Restoring)

Experience in carpentry? Know a thing or two about furniture? Have some ideas on what kind of furniture will go down well in people’s homes, and nobody else is doing it? Well, get busy and get out there, and show people what you have in mind. Restoring older furniture is a great thing to do, as many people still have furniture that they would love to see upgraded.

Eye for Antiques

Do you have a collection of items from the past that you’ve collected over the years, and would like to sell? Or contemplating going to auctions or car boot sales and buying up items you think you can sell later to the right buyers? There are people out there who will pay for certain items that simply aren’t manufactured any more.

And, that’s it, if you have the time, capability and wisdom to do something which you excel at, or always wanted to try, why not give it a go? Good luck!

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