Soundproof Sash Windows Installation


We’ve all had moments where we wished we could be whisked away from all the noise around us and deposited right in the midst of a surreal, unoccupied island. It happens mostly when you’re trying to have an important discussion with someone, concentrate on a task, get the baby to calm down or simply catch some sleep.

With so much noise finding its way into our houses from the street, the home has slowly become just another high stress area. But it doesn’t have to be. With the right intervention, you can reduce the amount of noise finding its way into your house and restore your home to the haven of peace it once was.

Soundproof sash windows are the ideal noise reduction solution. Offering up to 50 dB in noise reduction, these windows suppress most of the noise from vehicles, planes and other noise interruptions. Here is why you should consider installing these windows.

Why Choose Soundproof Sash Windows?

Soundproof sash windows are designed to be an exact copy of your existing sash windows. The shape of your windows is retained so that the quality and aesthetics of your home are not affected in any way.

The windows are installed afresh. You won’t merely get a few coats of glazing on your sash windows. Instead, the windows will be manufactured to meet the desired noise reduction level and retrofitted to your window space.

Because of the technical aspect of creating new windows, you won’t be able to place a random order for soundproof windows. Experts from the window company have to visit your home for inspection first. In addition to taking measurements of all your windows, they also measure the level of noise pollution you’re exposed to.

This is the only way to determine the level of soundproofing that needs to be done on the windows. If you live on an aircraft path with constant noise from planes, your windows will require a higher intensity of soundproofing than, say, someone who just wants to block the noise from neighbourhood car movements.

To ensure the windows are highly functional, the company may choose to install a multiuse version of soundproof sash windows that can suppress a range of noise frequencies. This ensures that the windows are not limited to certain sounds only but that when the occasional rumble of unusual noise occurs, you’re adequately insulated from it all.

Install and forget about them

Glass and timber are two of the world’s most durable materials. Unless your window accidentally breaks, you can be sure that your soundproof sash windows will last a long time.

It’s easy to maintain your soundproof windows. They do not require any special care. Like with regular windows, you only need to wipe them regularly to keep them clean.

Buying your soundproof windows from a trusted manufacturer ensures that you get a quality product.

Look for a company that offers a guarantee.

The best soundproof window companies give a 10-year guarantee on their products, which should reassure you that you’re getting the best version in the market.

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