Six Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Company for Repair and Restoration


When making the choice for a company to carry out any kinds of repair or restoration work, these simple steps can make all a big difference between complete assurances of a good job being done and unwanted sleepless nights.

  1. Get References

Word of mouth is normally one of the best methods of finding experienced professionals to perform any type of job. Ask relatives, friends and neighbours whom they’ve had good experiences with or heard of somebody who has. Plus, find out what made it a positive job, how the restorers dealt with any problems, and if they would use the same people once again.

  1. Credentials are important

With the recommendations in hand, carry out some preliminary research, be it by phone or going to a restorer’s website. Do the homework and find out their history. You can also check out their work online with a good search engine.

  1. Ask All the Right Questions When Making Contact

Make a list of questions you would like answered and be up front in asking them. How any restorer answers the questions is of importance, but let the communication go both ways. Anyone involved in antique restoration in London should also ask you lots of questions about what you would like done, so make sure to give the job details clearly.

  1. Reference Checking

Online check out the restorer’s past projects. If impressed by them, ask for references and contact former customers to see if the job was performed perfectly. Ask how they did in carrying out the job. Were they on time and on budget? Were the customers happy with the outcome? And, if not, why? Was there something that should have been done another way? If there were many complaints about any work, or the restorer was unable to give you any references, you might want to consider moving elsewhere, instead.

  1. Service

Don’t forget that if you are hiring a restorer, one is paying for a service and not a product. Selecting one that has no bad record of complaints, or one where the complaint was resolved to the client’s satisfaction, can make a big difference. Make sure to choose a top quality renovation company in your area with the skill necessary to get the job done perfectly and professionally.

  1. And Not Forgetting

Does the restoration specialist have an established and good name locally? Importantly, how long has the company been in business under its current name? Check out that the company has kept a permanent mailing address, e-mail address, personal phone number, fax number, cell phone and voicemail. Does the company carry any kind of insurance that protects customers from all kinds of liability? Ask for details of their insurance certificates just to be completely certain.

Most people like to see something which they may have thought was beyond repair brought back to its original state of being, and especially if it’s an heirloom or a nice work of art. So, make sure to use a company which relishes in their trade!

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