The Signs You Need a Plumber


Your plumbing system is fairly simple in concept, but it does have a few areas that can become a problem. The plumbing is typically divided into three different categories: the water main to your house, the plumbing in your home, and the plumbing to your sewer main. Water comes into your house through the water main, and is then distributed to all of your different fixtures in the house. Then, when it is waste water, it is piped to the sewer main. As it goes to the sewer, many different pipes funnel back into one main pipe. Therefore, problems tend to occur at the water main, the sewer main, or in your house.

Multiple Blockages

If you have a blockage in your drain, it’s likely because something has been caught in the pipes. However, if you have blockages in multiple drains, it’s most likely something is caught farther down in your drain. The blockages further down in your drain will result in blockages in multiple drains. If you have blockages in multiple drains, you need to call Eastbourne plumbers immediately.

Such a problem will not get better on its own, and eventually the pipes will back up or they will rupture. Either result can be a serious problem.

Strange Occurrences

It can sometimes be difficult to determine what qualifies as a strange occurrence. If you turn on your faucet and see bubbles in your sink, that qualifies as strange. That’s also a sign that something has gone seriously wrong with your pipes, and they could be blocked somewhere close to the sewer main. Alternately, there could be a leak in your pipes that is creating pockets of air. Either way, a plumber will have to address such an issue.

If you are having either of these problems, call a plumber quickly. You are very close to having a plumbing emergency that will be disruptive as well as expensive.


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