Portable Toilet Rental: Why It Is Always Worth The Money


The sight of a portable toilet is often met with concern and many people tend to hesitate before using one. However, in the end, when you have to go, you have to go and people will use the porta potty; which is why port a potty rental is still the go-to choice of most events. Some event planners tend to question if it is worth it to rent the portable toilets, especially so when there are nearby gas stations in the area.

Reservations on renting a portable toilet are normal, but any responsible and experienced event venue and planner will know that it is worth every penny to hire a port a potty rental. These are just some of the best reasons why:

Reason #1: Less Work And Worry

Planning an event takes a lot of time and effort and it can be a very stressful time. Calling a portable toilet rental company makes it easier on your shoulders. Order a bathroom type that meets your needs and budget, provide the necessary delivery information, which includes time and date, and everything will be handled for you. The portable toilets will be at the event as requested with zero hassle on your end.

Reason #2: Less Mess And Clean Up

Venues that have bathrooms know the headache involved after the event has ended. The bathrooms usually look like they have been destroyed beyond recognition and cleaning them up takes a lot of manpower and time at your own expense. A portable toilet, on the other hand, will be cleaned and maintained by the supplier making it one less mess to clean up after all the guests have left.

Reason #3: Shorter Bathroom Lines

Big events that cater to hundreds or even thousands of people are notorious for lengthy bathroom lines. Guests sometimes spend up to an hour just waiting to use the bathroom which wastes their time instead of enjoying the event itself. Having more than enough porta potties scattered all over the venue means people can use the toilets without lining up for longer than a few minutes. No time is wasted and everyone gets to enjoy the entire duration of the festivities.

Reason #4: Affordability

Spending extra on portable bathrooms when there are on-site facilities sounds counterproductive, but it is actually more affordable than you think. Portable bathrooms can be rented by the hour for shorter events and by the day for longer and bigger events. Whatever your budget may be, there is always room to rent a few portable bathrooms to increase convenience.

An Extra Bathroom Is Always Appreciated

No matter what some people may think of a portable toilet, they are still very convenient and much needed in many instances. Guests will appreciate the additional bathroom, especially if it is kept clean and well-maintained during the entire event. An event will never be complete without the presence of a porta potty. The least you can do as the planner or the host is to provide as many as your budget allows.

Spending on port a potty rental is always worth it. Contact Smith’s Sanitary Septic Service today and we will tell you why.

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