What Are The Popular Teak-Grades Used In Making Furniture?


Do you want to enhance the value of your house? Do you want to buy the most decorative and durable furniture for your house and gardening-space? Well, then you should rely only on teak furniture. But you should carefully make the selection of this furniture especially on the basis of grades. You can research online for finding out the best teak-grade that can be used for producing most durable and polished furniture.

Popular grades:

Now, teak furniture has been categorised under varied grades on the basis of quality and manufacturing process. Popular grades of teak-made furniture are as follows:

Grade-A: Mature-hardwood from teak-tree is being used in this grade. Teak trees centre-trunk is chosen which is highly enriched with valuable natural oils. These natural oils are highly responsible for maintaining the surface shine of furniture in the long run and on the other hand pest-attacks can also be effectively prevented by the same. This teak-grade is usually polished golden in colour and sometimes the colour seems like honey-colour. Since densest teak-part is being chosen out here, therefore, the furniture prepared for this grade is very much durable and strong. When you will visit any furniture-store for purchasing teak-wood furniture then you will automatically be able to recognise this grade by its colour and shine. Grade-A teak-wood made furniture is highly expensive and thus people with the limited budget cannot easily buy the same. No external decoration is needed rather the woods looks decorative naturally.

Grade-B: Immature heartwood forms this grade. Heartwood’s outer-section located in between outer-sapwood and mature-sapwood is being chosen. Both uniformity and density of this grade do not match-up with grade-A. This wood is a bit duller in look as adequate natural oils are not present. In this case, teak-protector or teak-sealer needs to be used for enhancing the furniture longevity. Therefore, while purchasing furniture for this grade you should make sure that the manufacturer has applied teak-protector properly. This furniture is more or less cost-effective and your budget will definitely get suited. If you want some healthy designs on your furniture then you can ask for the same to the manufacturer.

Grade-C: Teak trees sapwood is mainly represented by this particular grade. This is nothing but the outer-part of teak-tree. It is not fully grown rather it remains in the growing stage. This part has got enough of water but it completely lacks in natural oils. It has got uneven colour and on the other hand, it is not as dense as other two grades. As per the furniture experts, this grade is not at all appropriate for making furniture. This is because the quality is not up to the mark.

If you are intending to use your teak furniture for many years then you should go for grade-A only. Though it is expensive it is just an initial investment. If you can bear the cost initially then you do not have to bear any further costs. You can even use this furniture for making your outdoors decorated. Climatic-extremities will be nicely tolerated without any damaging impacts.

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