Which Pests Can Be Exterminated Or Removed Safely In Your Home


When your home has been overrun with pests, you might feel incredibly stressed. This is a very unpleasant experience and you will want to deal with the problem as soon as it occurs. The best way that you can deal with pests is to call a professional team.

You may have got to the point where you feel that the house is uninhabitable. In order to combat the pests, the technicians will carry out a full survey of your house and then they will begin the removal process.

Which pests can be safely exterminated or removed from your home?


When you have rats in your home, you might feel incredibly unsettled. This unsettling feeling can be worse if you happen to have young children. You can use pest control in Essex, who will be able to use a couple of methods in order to make sure that the rats can be removed from your home.

Firstly, entryways can be blocked off using special mesh. The rats will not be able to come into your home at all. Traps can also be used that do not kill the animal but they can be released outside. These stick pads ensure that the rats are immobilised. In some cases, it may be necessary to use poison. This is the last resort but will be useful if you have a particularly high concentration of rats in your home.

Their faeces can pose a problem, especially if babies or toddlers come into contact with it.

Once all the rats have been removed from your home, you will feel that you don’t have to worry anymore.


Wasps are a common problem for people in the summer. Their nests may be in trees near your house or they can end up in spaces like your attic or your garage. When this happens, you should call a pest control team. The pest control team will assess the number of wasps which are affecting your property.

They will then put down some special poison which attracts the wasps. Once the wasps have come into contact with the poison, they will bring it back to their hive and this will cause the rest of the colony to die off. Then your house will be free of this worrying problem for good.


Cockroaches are attracted to dark warm corners of your home. They might put visitors off coming to your house and they can also contaminate your food if they get into the fridge or the freezer.

Gel baits can be used to make sure that the cockroaches are killed and they can then be safely disposed of. The gel bait will not leave any harmful residue behind in your house after it has been cleaned up by the professionals, so you do not need to worry about anyone become ill because of this substance.

A professional pest control service will make sure that every time of pest is removed from your house.

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