Organize your Self Storage unit for Easy Access


Storage organization tips for Most of the times, we end up storing all our items, which aren’t frequently used, in a storage unit. However, as soon as the need arise, we head to the storage unit just to find a mess of all types of items piled up at one place.

Whether the winter is approaching and you need your woolen clothing, or you want to take out lawn equipment to welcome the spring, it is always good to find all items at one place.

Having messy storage means you will have to spend more time and efforts in searching for the thing you actually need. When you have to do all the exercise, you become frustrated and irritated.

Why not organize your storage unit in a way that you get an easy access to whatever you need. Here are a few organization tips to save time, efforts and prevent headaches:

Pick one box size:

Try to pick one box size for most of the items. Small or medium boxes are a great choice to pack your belongings for a storage unit. You can try using large boxes, but they aren’t a good option for storing heavy items.

Such boxes can be used well for putting at the bottom of the stack. Large boxes aren’t only huge in sizes to move but it takes a lot of time to find anything in a box that has many items, which is exactly the case of large boxes.

Best storage units miramar offer their own boxes for customers to pack perfectly and hassle-freely.

Identify items that you will have to take out more frequent:

From all the items that you are putting in a storage unit, there might be some items that you will need in near future.

You should pay extra thoughts to things that you will need soon such as seasonal items. A few things that you will need to take out frequently from the storage unit includes:

  • Winter or Summer clothing
  • Outdoors gear (sleeping bags, tents, backpacks, etc.)
  • Holiday essentials like baking supplies, decoration and more
  • Kids toys to offer them something new frequently.
  • Tools and heavy equipment
  • Official documents

Label the boxes:

Labeling the packed boxes will cut your problem to half. Either set a unique code for each box or simply mark them with numbers as per your convenience.

Boxes with items that you will have to use frequently must be marked with some unique signs to save time. Also keep such boxes at the closest reachable point of the storage unit.

Create a master list of contents:

To organize the process further, make a list with box numbers and the items kept in each box.

Though it sounds like a tough process, it will cut short your searching troubles in half. You can refer to the list when you need an item and find it there and then.

Storage facilities comes handy when you know how to organize them the best way. Find the best storage facility and enjoy an organized storage with these tips.

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