One-of-a-Kind Teak Dining Table: Why Choose Anything Less


Quality tables can be made from one of several quality woods but you may want to consider a teak table for its unmatched beauty and superior quality. This tropical hardwood is actually a member of a flowering plant family producing fragrant white flowers and large leaves. The wood has an aroma that some describe as “leather-like” when it is fresh from the milling process.

In addition to its outstanding appearance, this wood is prized for water resistance and durability, making it an excellent choice for furniture, boat building, construction, and carvings. It’s native to south Asia and Southeast Asia and is found in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, and elsewhere. Some countries in Africa and in the Caribbean region have successfully cultivated this excellent timber as well.

Your Dining Table

When you begin a search for solid teak wood dining table in Singapore, you’d be wise to get in touch with a provider that sources its outstanding wood from Java in Indonesia, where they work closely with the government to replant trees, ensuring that only a limited number of trees are felled annually. Though most teak will be excellent for building and furniture making, the top suppliers of quality products select only the best wood for their furniture.

Plantation-based wood is carefully graded and taken from trees with a minimum age of 30 years. This allows the producers to perfectly engineer their material using a kiln-drying process to give the best moisture content (eight percent to twelve percent). Holding their final material to these strict guidelines minimises the expansion and contraction of finished wood, which means that the table or other item you choose will provide reliable service for many years even in changing conditions.

Craftspeople have found that no other wood matches teak for durability and overall strength. The wood’s high oil content not only helps it repel moisture but it also means that teak is excellent in standing up to pest damage (termites, etc.) Purchasing furniture items or other products made with teak can definitely be considered a wise long-term investment. You also have the assurance of quality and competitive pricing when you’re working with an international supplier who offers only authentic, functional furniture that definitely has its place in the global market.

Contemporary and Timeless

In using a process that exhibits respect for the environment and for society in general, the leading providers in this special sector produce designs that are at once contemporary and timeless. This is only possible because of the collaboration of external designers and the in-house product development team. Each item is unique because of the natural variations in wood, the ultimate natural material.

Tables and other pieces have individual texture, colour, and grain that differentiates one item from the next. These truly natural features add significantly to the character and appeal of the furniture. In addition, each item of solid wood furniture is built to last. You’ll find products that are eco-friendly, contemporary in design, and extremely functional. Why not select a gorgeous teak dining table, for example, that will be one of a kind? By the way, your table comes with a lifetime warranty.


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