Do You Need a Skip Hire for Your Project


You need to be prudent when you hire a skip for your renovation project. That is because you may make the mistake of not hiring a big enough skip or may choose to hire a skip that is too big. In either case, you will suffer a loss financially. For example, if the skip is not big enough for your construction project, you will have to secure another skip. As a result, you will pay far more than you anticipated initially.

Do Your Due Diligence When Selecting a Skip

Also, if your skip is too big, you will pay more than you need to for getting rid of some trash. You need to do your due diligence when you are making a selection for a skip. Skips come in an array of sizes. So, you need to make a careful assessment of what you will be hauling away in the container.

Examples of Skip Sizes

For instance, a two-yard skip holds a capacity of approximately 20 bags. Therefore, this type of skip is ideal for small refurbishments. A four-yard skip, which holds 35 bags, is also an ideal choice for small remodelling projects.

Other skip sizes are as follows:

  • A six-yard skip holds 55 bags.
  • An eight-yard skip holds 70 bags.
  • A 12-yard skip holds 110 bags.

What Type of Debris Will You Be Hauling?

However, knowing the number of bags will not assist you solely in making a choice. You also have to consider the type of debris that you will be hauling. The smallest skip size is also good for getting rid of garden waste.

A four-yard skip is a popular skip as it normally is good for hauling away debris from kitchen or bathroom fitments. It also is recommended for medium amounts of garden or household matter. Some of the skips feature front portals for ease of loading.

A Builder’s Skip

A builder’s skip is normally a six-yard sized skip. This type of skip is normally recommended for getting rid of rubble, soil, and concrete. This type of skip is also employed for removing a general amount of household waste. According to companies that feature skip hire in Northamptonshire, this type of skip may feature a drop door for fast and convenient access.

An eight-yard skip is an ideal choice for house clearances and for hauling large amounts of household waste. It is frequently selected by contractors for hauling away light waste.

The Largest-Sized Skip

A 12-yard skip is a very large-sized skip that is normally used for hauling and disposing of bulky and voluminous items. It is also used for getting rid of large amounts of light to medium-weight waste. You generally will use this type of skip for large house clearances or for removing larger surpluses of builder’s materials.

Regardless of the size you finally decide on, make sure that you consult with the skip hire company about your project and receive some recommendations from the firm before proceeding with a project. Again, you want to make sure that the size is just right. Otherwise, you will pay more than you need to for this all-important convenience.


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