Why you Need Professional Tree Care


Trees are truly majestic, swaying in the wind, they provide us with the essential shading in our gardens, and in order to have them healthy and strong, trees require regular care. Like any living thing, a tree needs nourishment and the right amount of exposure to sunlight, and often in an urban environment, the natural growth needs to be controlled. If you have always assumed your trees will take care of themselves, here are just a few reasons why this is not the case.

  • Tree Pruning – There are a number of reasons why a tree might require pruning. It might be for aesthetic reasons, as often, tree growth is more than required, or it could be to remove damaged or diseased branches, which could be a danger to surrounding structures. The crown, which is the outer extremities that contain the foliage, might need to be thinned, raised, or even topped to provide the right ventilation for the rest of the tree.
  • Tree Lopping – This involves removing the top or side branches, especially with larger trees that are perhaps affecting power lines or are growing over the roof area. Removing branches can be very dangerous and unless you have both the know-how and the equipment, it is best left to an arborist. If you happen to live in WA, there is an excellent local company that can provide affordable tree lopping services in Perth.
  • Diseased Trees – There are many fungi and pests that can infect a tree, and unless the tree is treated, it will eventually succumb. Only a qualified person would know what is required, and the treatment would depend on the cause of the problem.
  • Tree Removal – While nobody wants to remove trees, there are times when it is the best solution. Every living thing has a lifespan and even trees die of old age, and this can be a very dangerous time, especially if the tree in question is large. Once a tree ceases natural growth, it begins to lose its strength, and a large branch could come crashing down at any time. The most dangerous task for any tree surgeon, removing a tree is usually done section by section, starting at the very top, and with each section carefully roped and lowered to the ground, the tree can eventually be removed down to the stump.
  • Stump Removal – Until the arrival of the stump grinder, this job would involve a Bobcat and a few strong men, who would labour away for a few hours before finally removing the stump, A stump grinder, on the other hand, makes short work of any size tree stump and will also do down into the ground, removing the roots as well.

It is not wise to leave your trees to nature, as there are many reasons why tree care is essential, and with an experienced arborist calling round once or twice a year, your trees will always be in tip-top condition.


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