What You Need in Your Commercial Kitchen


As a leader in the UK commercial kitchen design, manufacturing, and installation industry, it’s our goal at Dawnvale to offer our customers the best products that suit their individual needs. And, rightfully so. Every restaurant serves a different client base, prepares different cuisines, and operates under different management. As such, each restaurant requires different equipment, functionality, and space to run. However, all kitchens, regardless of their operation do require a few of the same basic features. After years of serving many restaurants in the UK, we have compiled our list of what every commercial kitchen should be equipped with and what functionality it should offer. Here’s what we have found!

First, every commercial kitchen must flow with the space provided. Not every restaurant has the luxury of space. Sometimes, kitchens are designed to fit the square metres offered, not the cuisine they will be preparing. As such, commercial kitchens can quickly become cramped, lacking a natural flow for people, equipment, and food to move through. To combat this, our designers first conduct an intake of our customers. This covers what their needs might be, how much space is available, and any features they wish for their kitchen to have. Knowing these variables, we can design the ideal kitchen that not only permits a natural flow but also enhances your efficiency.

Next, a well-performing commercial kitchen will have structure and storage. This may seem common knowledge, but chefs, cooks, and kitchen managers alike all require ample storage space for their equipment. And, unfortunately, this is far too often overlooked. Not only is a proper amount of storage space needed, but it must also be usable. During our customer intake meeting, we will address what you plan to do in your kitchen. What type of cuisine you will prepare, what equipment you require, and the number of staff who will be utilising the space will be covered. With this information, we can adequately design the perfect storage units in your commercial kitchen and, most importantly, make it efficient to use! There’s nothing that hinders a kitchen more than not being able to find the right pots and pans when you need them most.

Last, your commercial kitchen must be safe, efficient, and usable. Amongst our numerous commercial kitchen design services, we also provide services that address ventilation, low-energy usage, electrical and lighting installation, and more. A bespoke kitchen is useless if it’s not safe. When designing the layout of your kitchen, we will address the safety concerns you may have. And, with the help of our designers, we will provide you with the most efficient solutions to combat them. Whether you wish to install low-energy equipment and lighting, worry about the smoke ventilation, or anything in between, we will create your kitchen to be safe, efficient, and usable.

We design our commercial kitchens with one goal in mind; to improve your output without reducing quality. As a restaurant owner, you value providing your customers with excellent cuisine, prepared in a well-managed kitchen. As a leader in the UK’s commercial kitchen design industry, it’s our priority to make that happen!

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