When Do You Need To Have Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned


Whether you are moving house or you are a landlord that needs to have a carpet cleaned for a move-in, you need to rely on a professional carpet cleaning company.

Lengthen Your Carpet’s Life

When you rely on professional cleaning services, you can leave the work in the hands of experienced technicians – technicians who have cleaned both commercial and residential carpets. By having a carpet professionally cleaned, it will look better, smell better, and last longer too. The dirt that becomes trapped in the fibres can shorten the life of a carpet if it is not removed. Whilst you can vacuum up surface dirt, you do cannot get rid of the grime and dirt that settles in the fibres. Only a professional cleaning service can handle this type of task.

End-of-Tenancy Cleaning

If you are handing back a rented property to your letting agent or landlord, make sure you contact SN5 carpet cleaners about end-of-tenancy cleaning. End-of-tenancy cleaning is advantageous, as you will receive a written invoice to show that you had the carpet cleaned.

Other Benefits

End-of-tenancy carpet cleaning offers the following benefits as well:

  • Both the carpet and upholstery (if needed) are cleaned
  • Pet treatments are performed, if necessary
  • The carpet will be cleaned so that your flat is move-in ready
  • Cleaning is performed to a high standard and backed with a guarantee

Make Professional Carpet Cleaning a Routine

Professional carpet cleaning should be scheduled once or twice a year, whether you are moving house or handing back your flat to your landlord. Make it a practice to keep your carpet in pristine shape.

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