Moving House? A Guide to a Stress Free Experience


We all have to experience a move at some time in our lives, and contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t have to be a stressful operation. It really comes down to the removal company that handles the project, and with so many out there, choosing the right one can be a little tricky. With that in mind, here is a guide to a stress-free move that should ensure a smooth transition from old to new.

  • Source an Established Removal Company – This is the most important step, which should ensure the move is carried out by professional people, and with adequate resources, they will have you covered. Without adequate resources, a simple vehicle breakdown could leave you stranded, so make sure the removal company has been around for a while. There are, for example, cheap removalists in Brisbane who offer an affordable service, and also have a good name within the industry.
  • Create a Checklist – Planning is the key to everything, especially a relocation project, and listing all the tasks, you can simply cross them off as they are completed. There are many tasks to complete, which would include terminating the utilities at the old property and arranging for connections at the new residence.
  • Essential Packing – While you might prefer to do this yourself, there are benefits to assigning this task to the removal company, as they are professional packers, and with all crates and boxes clearly labelled, unpacking is so much easier. The removal company has the necessary packing items and all they need to know is what goes and what does not.
  • Think About Storage – More often than not, the move cannot take place in a single day, as handover dates don’t always coincide, and if you are going to need some secure storage for a day or two, the removal company should have access to this, and as they are moving you, the cost would be negligible.
  • Children and Pets – This is one time when both kids and the family pet need to be otherwise occupied. The children will only be in the way (unless they are old enough to offer some practical assistance) and the family dog won’t take kindly to strangers removing the furniture. Perhaps the grandparents can have the children for a few days, and the family pet can have a short holiday at a nearby kennels or cattery. Even though you have a professional team of removal specialists in your corner, you will need to be on the ball, making sure that everything is going smoothly, and young children need supervision at the best of times.

Once you have located an established removal company, you are halfway there, and with a comprehensive checklist, nothing will be overlooked. If you should have a problem sourcing a removalist, a simple Google search will bring up a list of local companies, and after comparing a few quotes, you should be able to make an informed decision.

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