How to mount an LED TV


Normally a person having a little technical knowledge can easily mount An LED TV on the wall. This is mostly done by using simple basic tools. It is the simplest thing to mount an LED TV on the wall, normally it is the task of only one person while on the base of the weight of the LED the no of peoples increased.

If LED is heavy more two person are also required to hold the LED. Here we discuss some steps to mount an LCD on TV.

  • Mountable or not

The first step after purchasing the LED TV is to check whether it is mountable or not. The most of the TV mounting in Bel Air coming these days are mountable while some are non-mountable. To check the mount ability you may check the instruction book given with the LED. Or look towards the back of the LED whether it has four holes screwed in it or not.

  • Type of mount able

Always select the type of mount whether it is movable or fixed. The fix mount do not Allow the LED to move from the wall, while the moveable mount allow the LED to move from the wall and allow a user to change the angle of the LED.

  • Find a location to fix an LED

The location of the LED is the most effective factor while mounting the LED. The wall and the position of mounting of LED on the wall must be selected first. The wall must be checked before drilling with the stud place finder.

  • Source of power

You must keep in mind about the source of power for the LED before selecting the location to mount the LED. If the wires used to supply power to the LED is not hidden it may irritate the viewers or degrades the beauty of the room. So, it must be hidden. You may have a power supply behind the LED.

  • Fitting of the LED

Now put the studs in the wall and fix the stand on it. Put the rail on to the set fixed in the wall. Join all the cable connections and enjoy the shows on LED.

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