What Would a Man’s Kitchen look like


Not too long back, a kitchens was seen as an area of expertise for women. Past images of things such as frilly and dainty aprons and pastel coloured fridges, the nostalgic happy days of the classic 50s’ housewife, have now become a thing of the past. Nowadays, from competent bachelors to equitable couples to a number of wannabe celebrity chefs, more men than ever are now cooking for themselves and their loved ones.

The Appearance of TV Star Chefs

Should you be someone who watches any amount of TV, you will have seen chefs who presenting and pleasing audiences with their know how on how to prepare a whole range of tasty dishes. And with their knowledge and advice on how to make great food, they have now become renowned household names. Not too long ago, to see a man cooking up some delicious fare on television, would have been a rare sight indeed! Let’s take a peek inside of the man kitchen:

Inside “His” Kitchen

  • Say goodbye to images of “countryside chic” or those quaint porcelain chickens or cats, the type of cooking space most males would go for would be sleek, modern, and individual for any style aware man to hang out in.

Building Professionals


  • If you are thinking about “masculine” kitchens, you will discover a number of things that many have in common. All will ooze a feeling of warmth (via the usage of wood, copper or stainless steel) and have some type of industrial chic to them.
  • When it comes to a colour scheme, darker colours are favoured, and you will hardly ever see any bright blues, oranges, reds and greens in a man’s kitchen.

Gadgets Galore

  • Men, have no particular interest in hiding any of their equipment and actually take pride in their useful gadgets. These may be somewhat colourful and also appealing to the eyes, too, even though sober darker colours are still popular.

Raised Counters

  • These are extremely popular, and as most kitchens cater to the woman of a home, and many men are taller than women, it makes perfect sense to have one that is higher. Should the husband and wife both enjoy cooking, then a second lower counter may be fitted.


  • A wireless sound system and TV can definitely complement the kitchen and can be easily controlled with one remote control or electronic appliance.

Extra Hard Surfaces

  • For suitable counters, low-maintenance quartz and other kinds of stone products, which are resistant to stains and scratches, are ideal and will usually be in darker colours.

Plenty of Power

  • Ranges, exhaust arrangements and dishwashers should definitely be strong and heavy-duty. With a powerful range, a hood, specially designed for high smoke clearance would match perfectly!

And that Ladies and Gentlemen just about sums up the perfect male kitchen!

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