What to know when looking at building


Every now and then people want to renovate or even build a new addition to their house and or property.

This is a process that takes a long time to get the correct amount of paperwork and certification from local government offices to make sure the planned renovations and or new building match municipal bylaws.

After the initial paperwork is complete, the next step for the owners to do is to make sure that the funding which they need in order to pay the builders and for the materials are in order and after that has been sorted out, the next step for the people renovating is to call in the builders and have them do their job.

What could go wrong?

When you look at the building process it seems quite an easy and simple process to follow and very few people who are new to home renovations will never expect there to be any form of a problem when the builders come in to complete the job.

However, if you think that there will never be anything wrong when you begin your building process you are unfortunately in for a very rude surprise.

One of the most common issues with making any form of renovation to your property is that there will always be something that goes wrong during the renovation process, let’s just call it the Murphy’s Law of the building.

Common issues that builders face


Depending on what needs to be done, the first issue that often pops up when a major renovation is taking place is the weather popping up to halt any further work.

As you can imagine when this happens it is extremely frustrating for both the building team and the owners when the weather decided to delay a build it can become extremely costly for both the builders and the owners.

Unexpected Municipal issues

This doesn’t refer to there being an issue with the paperwork, but rather with issues with water and lights being cut off during working hours.

This shouldn’t be an issue as many builders carry their own personal generator, however, it can be both an inconvenience and a massive time waster if the power grid goes down while your builders are busy.

Incorrect Building plans (Blueprints)

There is nothing worse than having a plan of action only to discover that when the builders arrive on site to inform you that there is no way that you can extend the patio because of the simple reason that thanks to closer inspection (sometimes a hole in your wall) the wall which was meant to be a load bearing wall were, in fact, a single brick wall and the entire design are going to have to change.

One the note of having a hole in your wall it is important to make sure that your builders have some form of insurance to make sure that if any accidents and unexpected damages happen that they are covered to pay the costs.

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