What Kinds of Brick Fireplaces are Available on the Market Nowadays


Traditional brick masonry has down through time been considered the typical type of fireplace and has been around for hundreds of years due to its durability. And it is due to this reason, that seeing a brick fireplace has become quite common, but there are in this modern age more than just the one style. In reality, fireplaces can vary when it comes to things such as brick pattern, colour, age, and their location.

Placement and Colouring

There are a number of ways for placing bricks when constructing a great looking fireplace. They can be arranged in the shape of a pyramid, with a wide baseline that gradually tapers up to the top. The bricks can be laid perfectly on top of one another in a tidy, neat line, or they can be slightly staggered. And there’s also the option of the bricks stretching to the top of the room, or end just above the fireplace.

In the past, quite a lot of people preferred red as the colour for their brick fireplace, but there are now many more other colour options available. The colour of the brick will depend on the clay from which it was manufactured and the choice of colours can vary from brown or pink to beige or grey. There are also people who paint their gas fireplaces in East Yorkshire with a colour which differs from brick’s natural shades. This is normal when a homeowner wished for their fireplace masonry to fit in with the rest of the room, while some others go for the contrast of natural brick.

The Modern or Traditional Look

One more variation which is available for a brick fireplace are the desired looks. A number of newer homes come with the choice of a modern looking fireplace, or an older look. It so happens that many homeowners with a brand new home, are asking for the more traditional décor, which might call for something such as a more weathered brick fireplace.

A top quality company can offer a large range of different styles of fireplaces, that can provide the new home (or older) with the perfect ambience of a beautifully attractive fireplace that really stands out. As you may or may not have noticed, there has been an upsurge in people returning to the natural warmth and feel of any building whose rooms are luckily being warmed with the blessing of a real fire.

Terms of Endurance

One of the central reasons that many good people go for having a brick fireplace is its durability. This kind of masonry is commonly low-maintenance, and it’s only necessary to clean it on occasion. And even when it becomes aged with use and weathering, it will usually still hold its charm and even an innate respect for all of the good work it has carried out as a provider of warmth.

For reasons such as this, brick fireplaces have been popular for a very long time and look set to remain even longer!

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