Keep Everything Up to Code with an Expert Building Surveyor


A surveyor is tasked with the job of making sure that any property issues are settled before they end up becoming a major problem down the line. Many homeowners don’t become aware of property issues until it has already escalated into a problem that they previously had no idea existed.

With an expert surveyor in your corner, you’re able to have everything inspected in order to make sure that your property is free from any violations and that any issues you are currently facing aren’t in relation to anything you’ve done wrong beyond the borders of your property. These are some reasons to hire a surveyor:

  • Boundary Lines
  • Gaps and Overlaps
  • Improvements
  • Joint Parts of a Property

Establishing Boundary Lines

A common reason to get a surveyor is to determine the boundary lines in relation to your property. Knowing your boundary lines is important, especially when you are building a fence around your property and want to make sure that you remain within the confines of your land.

If you mistakenly build your fence too large, then you face the problem of encroaching over your boundary line, and creating issues for other residents in the area.

Expansions to Your Home

Another common reason to hire an expert building surveyor in Gatwick is when you‘re planning to make any major changes or expansions to your property. Properties have to meet and maintain certain code requirements when changes are being made.

 Before you invest in expansion or transitioning your property into something much different, a surveyor is a wise investment so that you can make sure that you aren’t doing anything that might cause you to be forced to tear down what has already been built or bring it up to code.



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