Keep Your Drains Clear to Avoid Water Damage


Homeowners are often faced with drain issues in the kitchen and bathroom. You may not be able to deal with these complications on your own. Sometimes the source of the clog is too deep for you to find. Other times, there is an object in the drain that must be removed. This can happen for a variety of reasons.


Young kids are often not mindful of the complications that can happen when you throw things in the drain. They may toss a toy into the toilet or put too much food in a kitchen drain. Clogged drains may cause water to back up into the home. Supervision of children near the plumbing can help to prevent this. Otherwise you may find yourself calling on a local drain clearance company in Solihull.

Getting Help

When a drain must be cleared, it is often easily handled by a professional. They can usually get your drains back into proper working condition on the same day that you call. Refrain from pouring chemicals into your drain as a remedy. This can damage your pipes. You may need the drain cleared with a proper tool. Call when you notice certain complications.

  • Water backing up into sinks or bathtub
  • Slow draining of water
  • Food coming back up into kitchen sink

It is important to watch your children around drains, and to make efforts to keep them clear. You can keep hair and food cleaned up, for example. If something does get out of control, however, a professional can get your home functioning again.



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