How To Keep Your Carpets Looking Great For Longer After A Professional Carpet Clean


Getting your carpets cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company might not seem like an exciting thing to look forward to, but if you are having them cleaned for the first time, or if it has been a while since your last booking, the difference that a good clean will bring should leave you very happy indeed.

Carpet cleaning is something that many people think they can do themselves, by hiring a machine from their local supermarket and spending the next 6 hours working hard and then hoping the carpets will dry in time for the kids to be home from school. And then, the results are never as good as when you get the professionals in, as with all their technology, equipment and skill, you will really see the difference and there will be no work for you at all. Of course, when you have paid to get your carpets cleaned, you want them to stay looking great for as long as possible, as unless you have an endless supply of money, you will need to get the carpets cleaned when you can afford to.

We spoke to the carpet cleaning experts Vapor Clean, about how to make sure your carpets continue to look great, smell great and feel great for longer after a professional carpet cleaning company has visited your home.

Take Shoes Off

A little thing like making sure you and your family take their shoes off every time they walk through the front, back or side door can make a huge difference, as even if they wipe their feet they will still be likely to bring dirt and grime into the house. Even if your carpets are old and have seen better days, and to be honest, you do not really care, this one move can really help to make them last longer and keep the result of a professional clean in place for far longer. And of course, there are health benefits, as you won’t be bringing in germs and nasties that can be picked up on the shoes.

Vacuum Regularly

Keeping on top of the cleaning routine is one of the best ways to keep carpets looking good and clean. Try to make sure you vacuum regularly and often, and even if you literally just whizz the hover around quickly every couple of days and then have a deep clean once a week, this really does help to keep those carpets looking good, as you will constantly be on top of all the little bits of dirt, dust and hair that can make the carpets look dirty.

Remove Spills / Crumbs Immediately

Rather than just do a quick pick up of crumbs or wipe down of spills, tackle them immediately and properly, as this will help to keep the carpets looking smart for much longer. Crumbs and bits of food that are left on the floor can easily be trod into the carpet or transferred around the house on socks and feet, so you can end up making the problem much worse. As soon as you notice crumbs or spillages, get on top of them, don’t leave it until the morning and just deal with it there and then, as this really does help to prevent long term damage and dirty carpets.

Use The Right Carpet Cleaning Company

And finally, if you get the best carpet cleaning company into your home, you are going to get a much better result that will last longer, so always take the time to research the company before making your decision, and never be afraid of paying a little bit more to get a decent result. Choosing by price is not always the best decision, as although you want the best possible quote, paying a little bit more or not always choosing the lowest price is important, as it often means you get a better standard of end result and of course, highly cleaned carpets.

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