Improve the Appearance of Your Home with Fascia Boards and Soffits


Also known as the roofline, a fascia board is affixed where the outer walls and roof meet on a house. In order to learn how this accessory and the accompanying soffit can improve your home’s looks, both need to be defined. The following information can assist you in learning how these add-ons increase a property’s kerb appeal.

  • The fascia board is represented by a board that is straight and long, which runs along the roof’s lower edge. The part is mounted to the lower ends of the trusses and is designed to support the bottom row of the roofing tiles.

Roofers in Sidcup note that this board also supports the guttering. Indeed, the fascia needs to be strong, as a rainstorm can lead to the flow of several litres of water each second through the guttering.

  • The soffit of the house is designed to be placed beneath the fascia. Therefore, you often see this board when viewing a house from the street. You can have the soffit ventilated so more air is circulated through the roof area.

As an alternative, ventilation can be supplied across the top of the fascia. Many homeowners prefer to have the ventilation added over the top of the fascia. If ventilation is not added, it can lead to an accumulation of moisture and ultimately timber decay.

If you want to improve the appearance of your home and support your roof, the fascia and soffit play instrumental roles. Work with a roofer that offers fascia and soffit installation when you are considering installing a new roof.

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