How To Line A Pond


Once you have your pond dug, you will need to line the bottom of your new pond to prevent the water from escaping into the ground. To complete this task, you will need to follow four simple steps with the correct pond supplies. Let’s begin.

Step #1: Fill Bottom With Sand

Using masonry sand, cover the bottom of your pond. Be sure to cover to get the sand into all cracks and crevices. This ensures a smooth bottom that will not injure any fish or other wildlife that may call your pond home.

If your sand bottom is not completely smooth, you can use a rake or hand tamper to finish smoothing this surface. Once the sand bottom is smooth, apply a layer of biodegradable materials, such as newspaper. This will help to prevent the sand from shifting as you proceed through steps 2 and 3.

Step #2: Spread Pond Liner

Centre your pond liner in the middle of your sand bottom and begin spreading it out evenly. Be sure that the liner reaches well over the edge of the pond, as it will sink in some as the pond is filled.

While this job can be done by one person, it is always best to enlist the help of several people when spreading your pond liner. This will allow you to get the job done quickly. This is especially important when using a vinyl liner, which can shrink if allowed to dry out in the sun.

Step #3: Fill Pond

The time has come to fill your pond. Many people are tempted to wait until their pond has been fully landscaped before completing this step. Do not give into this temptation. As your pond fills, your liner will shrink several inches from the water weight. Consequently, waiting to fill your pond could leave you with a liner that is too short.

Step #4: Trim And Secure Liner

Once your pond is filled, you will need to trim off excess liner. Using a sharp knife or razor, trim the liner approximately 5 inches from the edge of the pond.

Working your way around the pond, make a small horizontal slit a few inches beneath the grass level. This can be done using a hoe or other garden tool. Gently pull back the grass above the split soil and tuck the remaining liner between the soil and grass. Repeat this process around the entire pond until the edge of the liner is no longer visible.

Once you have completed the four steps outlined above, you will be ready to move on to the final stage of creating your pond: Landscaping.

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