Why Are Home Security Cameras So Important Even in Low Crime Areas?


In the past home security systems were something of a luxury for many people. Most of the time when people are out or on holiday, they used to rely on their neighbours to keep an eye on their property.

However, today with burglars becoming more supplicated in their approach to breaking into people’s houses or commercial properties, home security camera systems have become almost a must-have addition to anyone’s house even in areas where there are virtually no burglaries.

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First of all, home security systems give people peace of mind. They are affordable too. Gone are the days of the low frame black and white recorded systems that cost an arm and a leg. With modern technology improving at such a paid price, even high-tech gadgets are coming down in price. Look at the smartphone for example, back in the day they cost hundreds of dollars, but now you can pick up a decent smartphone for under $150.

Exactly the same has happened within the CCTV industry. Now people can have CCTV cameras set up surrounding their home that record in high frames per second and in colour. Not only that, for a slightly higher investment (which is not much at all), you can connect to the cameras via a smartphone app. The recordings are stored on a cloud-based system that can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere you have an internet connection (that includes while you are abroad).

CCTV systems are perfectly affordable. According to the 2E Electrical CCTV installation team, it is not just theft prevention that security camera systems are handy for. Although having a CCTV system at home certainly deters thieves, they also help to solve mysterious events that may happen around your house. For instance, a bike goes missing, the family pet cannot be found, and you want to see which direction it last went in, something was broken in the garden, the car was scratched, and so on.

Therefore, aside from having peace of mind that thieves are being deterred, security cameras have an array of other uses. With the fact that they are also very easy to access via a smartphone app and the fact that the cameras are on constant record, the investment is more than fully justified.

What I like most about the modern-day CCTV systems, is not just that they are affordable, available in colour, and record clearly (all great advantages), but it is the old days of when thieves used to say “Give me the tape to the cameras”. It is almost a comedic sketch “Give me the tape” – “There is no tape it is cloud-based recorded on the internet!”. With IP based security cameras connected to the internet, places that utilise security cameras as part of their home security plan have very little chance of being targeted by thieves.

Today is an age where the houses without a security camera system are going to be more of a target than those with them. It was properties that have a burglar/intruder alarm system that were the least likely to be targeted by thieves, but now everyone has an intruder alarm, the next step is CCTV for that added creature comfort.

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