Which Hazardous Material Can Be Put Into A Skip


Hiring a skip with a protective cover will mean that you can get rid of hazardous materials without any problems. The cover will stop the materials from falling out of being taken by inquisitive children. Skip hire companies will make sure that the skip is removed from the area as soon as possible when the job has been completed.

Which hazardous materials can be put into a skip?

Batteries Can Be Loaded Into A Specialist Skip

Batteries should not be thrown away into your bin because they can explode. They should be disposed of correctly in a specialist skip that can be hired from Baco Compak easily. The batteries will be placed carefully into the skip along with other items before being removed.

Asbestos Can Be Loaded Into A Specialist Skip

Asbestos is something that needs to be removed from the attic and wall cavities. This will be handled by a specialist company with the right protective equipment. Once the asbestos has been removed, it will be covered in the specialist skip and taken away to be disposed of properly.

Acid Containers Can Be Loaded Into A Specialist Skip

You might have collected some acid containers if you are doing a particularly difficult cleaning job or you have been conducting some science experiments. The acid containers can be safely stored in a skip alongside other items. Then the skip will be loaded up onto the back of a truck and taken away. This is going to make your life much easier.

Fluorescent Lights Can Be Loaded Into A Specialist Skip

Fluorescent lights should not be smashed or just thrown into your bin. Instead, the correct way to dispose of them is a skip. The tubes will be loaded carefully into the skip along with any other waste that you are seeking to get rid of at the time. You can do this every time you need to replace the fluorescent lighting tubes in your house.

Fridges Can Be Loaded Into A Specialist Skip

Fridges and freezers contain harmful chemicals which may cause problems for people if they leak out. The fridge or freezer can be carefully loaded into a robust skip and then taken away without any leakages occurring that put people at risk.

Pesticides Can Be Loaded Into A Specialist Skip

Pesticides should not be poured down the drains. Instead, you can hire a skip company to deal with the problem on your behalf. They will carry the pesticide containers out to the skip and then they will carefully place them inside. This is going to protect the health of everyone who is near the pesticides.

Oil Can Be Loaded Into The Specialist Skip

Oil can be loaded into the specialist skip so that it does not leak out and contaminate other objects in the near vicinity.

You can hire a skip to get rid of a wide range of different harmful substances. These jobs should always be handled by a professional company.

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