The Handyman vs. the Contractor! Who to Trust to Get My Renovation Job Done


Oh dear! Just when things were going along perfectly, all of a sudden, down goes the air-con, upstairs plumbing, kitchen electrics, gutter, etc. and all depending on the importance of each task, you need to get these problems sorted out ASAP!.

And should you not have the time, have former experience in that specific field of repair, or believe that if you mess with it, you might just make matters worse than they are or even put yourself in danger, it’s time to make contact with a professional. The thing is, who are you going to talk to?

Who to Contact?

  • Uhmm, the handyman or the contractor — both of them can carry out repair work in your house, but whom should be consulted for specific tasks?
  • Is it better to call out a team of workers for each individual job, or is it at all possible for you to get each job taken care of by the same skilled handyman service?

Handyman Services and Contractors Differentials

  • Getting the perfect someone to professionally carry out all of the work may seem like mission impossible, because jobs such as plumbing, electrical work or renovations for instance, need people who are skilled.
  • But a reputable, experienced, reliable and qualified handyman, can take on a number of tasks in one visit.
  • Whereas contractors normally take on one that they are best at.

Hiring a Handyman to Finish off your Repair List

  • A professional handyman in Newtown is well-versed in a whole range of home projects because they get exposed to different challenges every single day.
  • Obviously, it’s a good idea to do some research and find out a local service and read up reviews and testimonials on them.
  • The best ones will provide you with a 100% guarantee of doing the job perfectly and just how you wanted it done and nothing less.
  • Choosing one you feel comfortable with is very important, because they’ll be working closely with you around your home.

Whom to Stay Away From

  • It’s crucial to avoid anyone who visits your home without a background check, as it’s hard to know if they’re qualified.
  • Plus, watch out anyone who asks for full payment up front before starting any work.
  • Make certain that you obtain a written agreement which details the job, the price and the payment schedule, and guaranteed all in writing.

Hello Handyman and Farewell Cowboy

  • Paying close attention to just how long it took the potential handyman to come up with an estimate is also of importance.
  • If they tell you that they will get the estimate to you say on Monday, and then there’s nothing happening on Friday, this is definitely a solid reflection of how they will be operating in your home later on down the road.
  • It’s in your very best interest to not let any cowboys go a wandering around your home!

May your renovation job turn out just perfect!

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