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New Jersey is very close to New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania and the Atlantic Ocean. New Jersey is one of the smallest states in the USA and covers only 8,722.58 square miles. However, as far as its wealth is concerned, with a per capita income around $37,288, it ranks as #2 state in America. Therefore, if you are planning to move to the USA, then this is definitely one of the more desirable places where you can live.

What is there to know about New Jersey?

New Jersey is basically divided into three important regions, which are: North, Central and South Jersey. However, if you ask any local resident, they will tell you that Central Jersey exists only on paper and that when it comes to fact, only North and South Jersey are relevant.

New Jersey climate is fairly predictable. During summer time, it is hot and humid climate and temperature remains within 60ᵒF to 80ᵒF, while during winter, the temperature varies between 16ᵒF to 30ᵒF.

Many people prefer moving to New Jersey from abroad rather than any other places. There are number of cities of New Jersey that attracts foreigners to settle in this state. Some of them are as follows:

  • Clifton
  • Trenton
  • Elizabeth
  • Paterson
  • Jersey City
  • Newark
  • East Orange
  • Passaic
  • Camden

And if you want to live in a smaller town and enjoy both countryside life as well as urban life, you should consider the following locations:

  • Heathcote
  • Princeton
  • Chatham
  • Ridgewood

After you have decided on your location, you will need suitable moving service NJ to carry your goods to your new home. Vector Movers NJ is a big name when it comes to moving to New Jersey from abroad, and they can be a very good support for you to move into your new home.

There are many other movers too, but none as experienced and qualified as these. After all, you must select a moving company with good reputation, and let long distance movers help you relocate to New Jersey without too much of hassle.

Tips for moving to New Jersey:

Before relocating to New Jersey, you must pay a visit first

Since you are coming from different country, you need to understand the overall feel of the new location. New Jersey is inhabited with people from many different countries and there is every chance that you will find plenty of folks from your country too. Therefore, you need to look for the city where you find the locality where there is an existing community of residents from your country.

Try to visit multiple locations before moving to New Jersey from abroad

When you visit a number of different locations, then you will be amazed to see different possibilities so that it can help you to make the best choice. Therefore, before coming to New Jersey, you must work out all your priorities first. Choosing the right place for living is a very big decision and you need to spend a little more time to get the feel of each location and choose the one that perfectly matches your preferences.

Accompany any resident of New Jersey who is familiar with various places

There are numbers of relocation companies and real estate agents available, who can take you around a number of places in New Jersey. They can surely be useful in terms of knowing about various locations of New Jersey however you have to be little careful. Their main aim is to sell you the house that will earn them maximum commission. They may also be biased against certain place where they have no scope of doing any business.

These agents usually know much about the area where they live but very little about any other areas. Therefore, you need to take advice from realtors from different areas instead of depending on a single agent. The best course of action would be to accompany a person who has no financial aspiration in guiding you. Such people will give an unbiased view about every location so that you can make an objective decision.

Be very careful when any agent offers you any advice

It is natural that all the agents of different areas will be biased towards particular areas. Sometimes, they may not be able to understand clearly what you are looking for. You being a foreigner in the US may inspire a different point of view, which they may not even recognize as relevant. Therefore, take the agents along so you get an opportunity to visit different locations.

By now, you should know your own priority and the needs of your family. You need not take their advice but take your own decision about the location. With their support you only get the opportunity to see various locations, which you could not have visited on your own.

Decide the right time to move your belongings

Take into consideration the weather conditions that are most comfortable for moving; decide the right time to move with your family.

Don’t bring electrical appliances to New Jersey

The electric supply in the US comes to 110 Volts and therefore appliances from most countries will not operate here, so there is no point carrying them from your country.

Check your laptop or computers work on dual voltage system

Laptops or computers usually provide options to work in both 220 V and 110 V. Check whether your appliances have such options. Otherwise, you will need to buy an adaptor to use them.

Do not bring any prohibited items

Before moving to New Jersey from abroad, you must check the list of prohibited items in the US before packing your belongings.

Take help from friends if you have too much luggage

Your friends can be very useful in helping to transport luggage that you may carry on the flight with you, in case you have too much of it.

People moving to New Jersey from abroad will land either at JFK airport or Newark airport. You can exit like any domestic flight as you have already cleared customs. You can collect your luggage from the arrival point and then proceed to your new residence in New Jersey.


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