Groundwork Projects around Your House


As the name indicates, groundwork is a general category of manual labour that involves the ground. Moving the earth, excavating soil, and supplementing the ground are all types of groundwork. They are most often associated with industrial construction sites and large groundbreaking ceremonies, but they are also used as domestic applications for groundwork techniques. You may need groundwork without even realising it. A specialist can do many tasks to improve your home’s foundation and land.


Your home’s foundation most likely sits on a concrete slab. In many cases, the concrete slab is reinforced with vertical pilings or stable beams built into the ground. The foundation is as stable as the pilings and the concrete slab. However, the ground around and under your home can erode over time.

 To keep the ground in great shape, you may need excavation and groundwork contractors in Orpington. They can import soil to shore up your foundation or excavate soil from another part of your yard to the foundation area.

New Ground

If you need to break new ground for any reason, a groundwork specialist is able to help you. Breaking new ground is great for building a swimming pool or designing a new garden. Sometimes, the ground is too rocky for actually growing great vegetables or building a quality swimming pool. If you experience similar difficulties, you need experts with powerful machines to manage the job.

The machines are important because they can break up rocks, remove rocks, and finish the job quickly. A groundwork specialist has the experience to help you with many other projects that can maintain or improve your home’s quality.

Groundwork is any type of work that typically involves moving large amounts of earth. You should contact a specialist to see what they can do for you.


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