Get Your Home Ready for Winter Smart Home Maintenance


Winter is almost upon us and it is time to do those things that make sure that you are ready for the change in seasons. There are many things that need to be checked and changed around the house and if you are a long time homeowner perhaps you have a list that you go through each year. If you are a newer or new homeowner, having a thought out list of things can help you avoid costly disasters or having your family being made uncomfortable unnecessarily.

So for the sake of your and your family here are some tips for you to make your home more comfortable and safe this winter.

Check Your Home Air Conditioning System

You are just coming out of the fall and summer when it is a good chance you used your AC extensively. Residential air conditioners are designed to be pushed hard, but they also require a constant maintenance schedule to insure they run efficiently. Whether you have a ducted air condition, or a ductless multi-split system, you need to get it serviced regularly. So get a service person out to check your unit and make sure it is operating in top condition.

If you have an older unit, it may be time to replace the unit now before the weather gets hot again. Older home air conditioning system are inefficient and cost you more money than you should be paying each time you use them. New units will likely be 20% more efficient and pay for themselves over time. They also new features that can make your family more comfortable. You can also purchase a reverse cycle system AC which can provide heating to your home during the winter.  The best time to get started shopping is today because the prices for new air conditioners is best when the weather cools down.

Check for and Seal Window and Door Drafts

Window and door drafts are often overlooked, but they can be the biggest challengers to keeping your home during the winter. Only a small space around a door or window can lower the temperature in a room several degrees and cause your heating unit to work overtime, there by running up your heating bills. Take the time to check every window, window frame and door in your home for drafts. If you locate any, seal them immediately and check throughout the winter for drafts that develop as your home shrinks in the colder air. This will save you money and keep you warm all winter.

Check Your Smoke Alarms

Most people associate fires in the home with summer heat, but just as many fires in the home start in the winter. Make sure to check all of your smoke detectors to insure that they are all operational and their batteries are fully charged. Winter homes tend to be kept locked up tight and this can aid in the spreading of a fire. Keep your family vigilant about potential fire hazards, keep fire extinguishers handy and work out a fire plan to get everyone out of the house in the event a fire starts.

Follow these common sense tips and you will be prepared for winter, save money, and your family will be safer too.

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