The Full Range Of Services That A Roofing Firm Will Be Able To Provide


You may have a number of issues with your roof that needs to be sorted out as soon as possible. You may be surprised at the range of services that

Putting Slate On The Roof

1) Quality slate can be put on the roof by roof services in Leicester, which is going to improve the roof immeasurably. The slate looks attractive and it is going to be resistant to the wind and large amounts of rain.

2) Once the roof has been finished, the work is going to be inspected to make sure that nothing else needs to be done.

Putting Tiles On The Roof

1) New tiles can be put on the roof if others have been cracked or eroded by the weather. These new tiles are going to make a large difference to the interior of your house.

2) They can also make the exterior look much more attractive than they were before, so you will need to put some careful thought into the type of tiles that you actually want.

Repairing Flat Roofs

1) Flat roofs are going to make your house stand out from the rest.

2) Whenever you need to have some repairs, you can call a professional and they will make sure that the flat roof is repaired in a very short space of time.

Repairing Chimneys

1) The roofing company will not just repair the tiles that are on the roof.

2) They will also be able to repair your chimney. This is not going to take a large amount of time at all.

3) There are several issues which can develop with the chimney, such as loose bricks or a total collapse.

4) The roofing firm will be able to reconstruct the chimney so that it is going to work properly again.

Repair Gutters

1) The gutters that are attached to your roof perform a vital job of making sure that rainwater does not collect on the roof and that it runs down the pipes and away from the house.

2) The roofing company is going to make sure that the gutters are fully repaired and that they are working properly.

Put Down Decorative Lead

1) Your roof can be enhanced by some decorative lead, which can be put on the edge of the roof. This lead is going to attract the attention of people who may want to buy your house in the near future.

2) You can work closely with the roofing firm to choose a design which is going to be suitable for your house.

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A roofing firm will be able to replace the tiles on your roof that happen to have been damaged by the weather. They will also make sure that the chimney is fully repaired along with the guttering. A roofing specialist is going to be able to put lead decoration onto the edge of the roof so that the appearance is going to be completely changed.

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