Why the Fireplace Is the Centre of Your Home


It’s certainly true that the winter weather in Yorkshire can get very cold indeed! This is when we rely heavily on our in-home fireplaces, heaters, and central heating systems. When the temperature outside drops below freezing, it’s good to know that your home heater has you covered and will keep you nice and cosy for as long as you need! Indeed, this is especially vital for our elderly who truly do suffer during the winter season.

The Right Fireplace Can Do Wonders

Fireplaces and heaters: we stand in front of them on a cold day to warm up, we sit in front of them whilst watching our favourite TV programs, and we rely on them to keep us comfortable. Of course, for anyone looking to redecorate their home, the right kind of fireplace can really set off an entire room and make itself the star of the home!

There are a whole range of heaters and electric fireplaces in Yorkshire. Choosing the right one for your home can be a daunting task, especially if you have not dabbled in interior design before. Before investing in a fireplace, it is a good idea to think of how you want it to integrate with the rest of the room and the planned décor. In fact, many people invest in a fireplace even before planning a colour palette for the room because the fireplace tends to be the central feature.

There used to be a time when electric fireplaces were simply freestanding appliances that plugged into a wall. Those days have now passed. Modern electric fireplaces come in a sophisticated range of styles, but generally include the following popular forms:

  • Inset fireplaces: Often considered a more traditional form, inset fireplaces and fireplace suites look very much like old style fireplaces. They are inset on a wall, feature a surround that comes in a range of colours and looks, and exude a classic feeling. These types of electric fireplaces certainly complement a more classic-looking room where neutral paint colours tend to set the tone and atmosphere.
  • Wall Mounted: This style is very modern and sophisticated. The electric fireplace is mounted on a wall and tends to really draw the eye of visitors to the home. In this way, the wall-mounted electric fireplace can be a more dominant feature. Due to this visual dominance, it can often be a good idea to use a bolder palette of colours when painting the surrounding walls. In fact, many people tend to favour a very bold-coloured feature wall. Such a bold feature wall can offset the visual dominance of the wall-mounted fireplace and create a distinctly modern and sophisticated atmosphere.

Making Your New Fireplace a Fantastic Feature

There are a whole slew of modern electric fireplaces from which you can choose. If you are about to redecorate your home and want a new fireplace for the family area, it is a good idea to invest in the fireplace first and then build around it so that it becomes a visually impressive feature and informs the colour palette and design of the remainder of the space.

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