Facts to Check before Hiring a Tree Service Company


The larger the tree the more potential it has to fall and damage your property, a passerby or even you!

In many cases people simply leave the tree; in the hope that it will never be an issue.  However, at some stage you will have no choice but to have it trimmed or even felled.  This is not something that most people are equipped to take on themselves.  Even if you have chainsaws and safety harnesses you may struggle to bring the tree down in the way you plan.  This is why most people turn to a professional tree service company.  They have the equipment and the knowledge to trim or fell your problem tree without causing any damage.

Before you choose which tree service Company to hire; it is advisable to check the following facts:


It is essential for any tree service company to have adequate insurance cover.  The insurance should cover injuries to the tree service firm’s staff and any damage to your property or another, third party.  If the insurance does not cover this you may find yourself liable for some expensive bills.  Their insurance can protect you from being sued; it is worth verifying it.


Unfortunately it is very easy for a tree service company to use employees which have not been fully trained in tree felling or trimming.  It is advisable to check what training the employees have and the level of experience for each of them.  Ideally the crew visiting your site should have at least one very experienced person as well as all staff being qualified.


It is important to ascertain the reputation of the tree service company.  You will need to use a service which others agree is professional and worthwhile.  The easiest way to verify this is to be referred to a tree service firm by a friend or relative.  However, if this is not an option, you will find social media sites and online forums that can provide very accurate opinions of the service offered by a specific firm.  This should be used to ensure that you will get the right tree service firm for your needs.


It is advisable to obtain a quote from several different firms as this will help to ensure you are paying the best possible price for your tree service.  However, it is important to remember that the best is not always the cheapest.  You need to look at what they are offering as well as the cost of the work.


A professional tree service firm will have a variety of equipment which will ensure that they can deal with any issue you have.  Access is often one of the most challenging issues for tree services; a firm with the right equipment will be able to offer you a cheaper price and a faster service.  In addition they are unlikely to damage your ground whilst going up and down your tree.

Once you have chosen the right tree service company, you can have them to provide you with the exact service you requested; and then tell others about how good they were!

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