Factors affecting energy consumption in refrigerators


Suffering from the monthly electricity bill shock? Cannot figure out the reason of your increased electricity bills? Have a look at your refrigerator sitting in your home’s corner. The refrigerators are amongst the top energy-sucking home appliances that could upscale your meter reading in just a few moments. The bitter fact is you can refrain yourself from using the other high energy-consuming appliances like air conditioners, however, you cannot stop using refrigerators unless you consider defrosting. So, how should one save big on electricity bill while using refrigerators at the same time? Here are some of the main factors that affect the energy consuming power of your fridge.

Factors Determining the Amount of Energy Consumed by Your Refrigerator

While stopping the usage of fridge completely in one’s home could be an impractical suggestion, you can save a lot by understanding the major factors that affect the amount of energy consumed by this home appliance. Here are some of the factors that you could look upon to understand the mechanism of the refrigerator in a better manner:

  • Size and Type of Fridge: Realize the truth that “larger the fridge model, higher would be your monthly electricity bill”. Therefore, it is vital to prioritize one’s need in place of finding reasons to flaunt your large fridge. You must analyze the exact functionality of a refrigerator in your home and then you should go for buying the same. For instance, if you have a family of 2-4 members, there is no need to buy a larger fridge unit. Go for a smaller one to cut short your monthly expenses.

Another important consideration in determining your monthly electricity bill is the type of fridge that you are buying. Before going on a shopping spree for buying a fridge for your home, it is vital to sit down and analyze the exact requirements that you might want out of the same. For instance, if you’re only basic requirement is cooling, then try shopping a simple fridge with great cooling features. However, if you would go for the new advanced technology range that comes with smart capabilities, LCD/LED screen, intuitive functions, advanced ice makers, and so more –then be prepared to pay a hefty electricity bill each month.


  • Price Tag: While for various other appliances, expensive could be the sign of more economical on your electricity bill, the expensive tag on your refrigerator implies increased capacity, advanced set of features and higher power consumption. Therefore, be cautious while buying an expensive fridge model on the pretext of flaunting it to others. It might turn out to be an expensive affair on your pockets.
  • Energy Star Rating: The energy star rating of the refrigerator is the most determining factor to analyze its energy efficiency. You could find the energy star rating planted on the top-right corner of any fridge model as 3-star, 5-star, and so more. Every refrigerator is expected to satisfy a minimum energy rating. This makes them as highly energy-efficient and helps in saving a lot on your monthly bills. The energy rating label would determine the amount of power a particular electrical appliance would consume. The more is the energy rating of an appliance, the lesser energy it would consume and thus, lower electricity bill every month.

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  • Position of Your Fridge: The placement of your fridge in the ideal location would ensure its topmost performance in an energy-efficient manner. Try to store your fridge in a spacious area with ample space on the sides to make it work less hard and thus consume lesser energy.

Know these factors to determine your fridge’s energy-consuming power!

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