Exterior Surface Solutions for Modern Buildings


One thing that all buildings have in common is they all have exterior surfaces, and with protection high on the list of requirements, home and business owners are looking for something striking in appearance, yet easy to maintain. Metal cladding is one such solution, and with tailored to suit packages, one can create a unique look, while giving the structure the ultimate in protection.

Range of Materials

Modern cladding uses copper, zinc, or aluminium, and if you want to create a really unique appearance, you can mix and match the three metals, and with a range of colours, you are not limited in any way regarding style.

Business Image

This has always been an integral component to success, and there’s no better way to add to an already sleek company profile by finishing your offices in such a way that the building actually becomes a landmark. Cladding and facades can be specifically designed to create clean, smooth lines, which perfectly complement your working environment.

Fit and Forget

The ideal solution for any business is to have the entire building cladded, which effectively, is a fit and forget scenario, as once the job has been completed, the building will always retain that stylish exterior, no matter what the weather can throw at it. Reducing outgoings is at the forefront of every business, and by fitting top quality metal cladding, your exterior surfaces will never require any maintenance, aside from a wash now and then.

Copper Cladding and Roofing

Copper is the ideal metal for a surface covering, and a copper roof is always a feature on any skyline, and with the highest level of durability, copper sheeting cannot be affected by even the Australian climate. Customised solutions make any building an attractive proposition, and with the right contrasting facades, you have completed the look.

Fix to any Substrate

Whatever material the building is made from, metal cladding can be securely fixed easily, and with a range of designs and overlapping patterns, you have choices. Concrete buildings are often complemented by a customised cladding solution, while traditional bricks and mortar structures are also cladding-friendly, in fact, just about any structure can benefit from metal cladding, and with many homeowners turning to cladding, you can expect to see some colourful creations in your neighbourhood soon.

Insulation Properties

Apart from the aesthetic and protection value, metal cladding offers a high level of insulation, keeping the heat out in the summer and preventing heat loss in the colder months, and anything that results in lower outgoings has to be welcome. For the business and homeowner, metal cladding offers a win-win scenario, and with so many variations, you can easily create a unique appearance that will become the talk of the town.

If your business premises or home looks a little jaded from the outside, contact Pro Facade for custom made metal cladding.

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