Essential Pub Supplies: Online solutions


 If you run a busy drinking establishment, you will have a never ending list of supplies that you must continuously reorder, and then there are the odd items that need to be replaced at regular intervals. Many items will come as part of a promotional campaign by the beer maker, such as ash trays, bar towels and beer mats, but nevertheless, the list is still long enough to warrant finding a single supplier who has everything you need, and a little more.

The Ordering Process

This can take half a day, with many lists spread out on your office desk, and then the long phone conversation with your different suppliers, which includes them reading all the items back to you, to ensure the order is correct. There is, however, another alternative, which is to source an online wholesale supplier who is specific to the bar and entertainment industry, and once you have logged in, you simply fill your shopping cart with the desired items, and once a secure online payment is made, the delivery will be on its way.

Range of Goods

The wholesale online supplier would stock everything a bar owner might require, including domestic cleaning supplies, which are always needed, and things like till rolls, napkins and toothpicks, and cocktail accessories. Bar and cellar equipment often needs replacing, and then there is the long list of knives, boards and display cabinets that you would find in a popular bar. Most pubs would have a fully functional kitchen, and all the items you would typically find in a commercial kitchen would be available.

Mobile Compatibility

Imagine you are out of town and suddenly remember you forgot to place your weekly order? There’s no need to panic, as you can simply logon to the supplier’s website with your smartphone and place your order within a few minutes. This makes managing a pleasure, and with the time you save, you can direct your energy towards creating unique events that promote business.

Cost Cutting

Not only are the items cheaper online than in a retail environment, but they are also delivered to your door, saving you both time and money, and with all the well-known brands on offer, quality is always assured. It is always a pub landlord’s nightmare to run out of something, and with an online supplier, it has never been easier to order items, and with same day deliveries, your business will never run short of any essential item.

Unique Accessories

Such is the inventory of an established online wholesaler, that you could introduce different styles and items to stimulate customer interest, as we all like new and unusual gimmicks to be introduced, and, after all, variety is the spice of life.

You may already have a list of suppliers, but wouldn’t it be a good idea to whittle that down to a single wholesaler, and one who will deliver to your door? Modern wholesalers can offer cheaper prices, as they do not have to lease expensive retail premises, and they pass this onto their customers.

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