The Essential Protection Ensured from the Security Doors Now


Even remote surveillance systems connected to the police and firefighters are not foolproof. To further deter burglars from robbing your home, make it seem impenetrable. Here are some tips to discourage thieves from attacking your property.

Tips for the safety of your home

To do

  • Install a fence with doors around your property. Make sure your fence does not clog your windows.
  • Keep valuables in a waterproof, fireproof safe.
  • With the complicity of your neighbors, establish a neighborhood watch and display signs indicating that the houses are being watched.
  • Program the local police phone number in the favorites on your home phone and those on your mobile phone.
  • Install steel entrance doors.
  • Install a 180 degree peephole on your main front door. If you hear ringing and you do not see anyone in the peephole, do not open the door.
  • To prevent intruders from lifting a patio door from its frame from the outside, place a few screws halfway into the top rail on the inside.
  • Install decorative grilles on low windows, especially those in the basement.

Add locks to all windows, even on the second floor. Burglars, too, use ladders

Prune the shrubs that line your house to clear your view from the windows of your house and keep burglars from hiding behind your shrubs.Install deadbolts on exterior doors.Secure the basement doors with exterior sliding cross bars that you open from the basement interior.Reset the opening of your garage door. Thieves will have trouble finding a transmitter that can open your garage.

Not to do

Let everyone in your shopping bag, such as a computer, a home theater, a television set or a household appliance, float away in front of your recycling bin, for example. These are invitation cards for burglars. You offer them the opportunity to take on one of the most popular new products on the black market. You are trying the devil.

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Leave ladders in plain sight and easy to access. Just like the tools that hang around, thieves can use them to break into your home.

Leave an extra key in an unsecured place. Put it in a box that closes with a combination lock or padlock. Place your box in a discreet place. Give the combination only to people you trust.

Rely on security chains installed on doors. They easily give in to the slightest push. Instead, install deadbolts.

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