Essential Maintenance Tasks for the Homeowner


Managing and maintaining a home requires planning, and with so many essential services to call upon, it pays to have a list of phone numbers on the kitchen wall, or even better, store them in your smartphone memory. If you are a newbie homeowner, here are a list of just some of the people you will need to call upon in the course of one year.

HVAC Maintenance

If you have a modern heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, it will need an annual service, as it is working to continuously provide either heat or cool air to the interior of your home. It is possible to take out an annual contract for heating and air conditioning repair service, which keeps costs down and ensures the system is working efficiently.

Central Heating

If your home has a traditional water central heating system, the boiler and the system will need to be serviced at regular intervals. This system not only heats your home, it also provides all your hot water, and like any other system that works round the clock, it needs to be inspected and repaired when necessary.


Every home has a complex plumbing system that transports water to various locations in the house, and then there’s the waste water system, which can easily become blocked. If you notice a sudden rise in the amount of water you are using, but cannot account for it, you might have an underground leak, and modern plumbers have state of the art leak detection systems, so no need to dig up the garden until the leak has been sourced.

The Roof

Perhaps the most important single component of the building, the roof protects the interior from the elements, and if some roof tiles are broken or dislodged, serious internal damage can occur. Regular visual inspections are recommended, and depending on whether or not you have overhanging branches, the guttering needs to be cleaned out, as dead leaves and small branches can soon cause a blockage, and that will result in rainwater cascading down the exterior wall surfaces.


If you have any painted surfaces on the exterior walls, you will need to repaint at times. Timber might not be painted, and in that case, an extra coating or varnish or stain is recommended periodically. The exterior wall surfaces of your home have to endure everything the harsh British weather can conjure up, and without regular applications of new layers of protection, the surfaces will be open to damp.

Drive and Pathways

Even if the surface is concrete, continued dampness will cause mould to appear, and you can either brush in a chemical cleaner, or use a high pressure water cleaner, which will return the surface to its former pristine condition. The same applies for terraces and patios, and depending on the materials used, it is possible to clean any surface.

There are other tasks you might have to perform at home, but the above points will ensure you have most things covered, and try to use local service companies, as they have a reputation to uphold and you are more likely to be happy with the outcome.

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