Double Glazed Windows Dampen Outside Noise


Double glazing offers an extra layer of protection to a window. As a result, not only does this process reduce the amount of coolness or heat that exits a home environment, it also dampens the outside sound that enters a home. Therefore, windows that are double glazed enhance a home’s environment by making it more comfortable and quiet.

Windows Should Be Properly Configured

Windows that are double glazed need to feature seals and frames that are properly made as well. If the design is not configured correctly, the level of sound will increase accordingly. For example, if too little space is featured between each double-glazed pane, more noise will seep through the window.

That is because the air space is reduced.  In fact, double glazing in DN3 for windows is better realised when a larger space exists between each pane and the panes vary in thickness. This type of approach results in better noise reduction than when a design is more uniform in nature.

Draught-proofing and Sound-proofing Your Home

Besides reducing sound, double-glazed windows, when designed well, offer resistance against draughts and increased thermal effectiveness. Sound-proofing often works well in conjunction with draught-proofing, as both are designed to keep out noise and maintain a home’s interior comfort.

As a result, the heat insulation that is offered by double-glazed windows also features soundproofing qualities. Using both in combination ensures the quality of this type of window system. When you can reduce both draughts and sound in your home, you will make a difference in your indoor living environment.

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