Do You Like to Do Your Own Decorating


If you are a do-it-yourselfer who likes to do his or her own decorating, you need to know where to go for your supplies. By choosing the right DIY store, you can get the advice and support that you need whilst having access to a variety of home decorating products.

Making a Decision for a Paint Colour

Maybe you are thinking of repainting a room. If so, the Weston-super-Mare DIY shops that you use for a resource should feature the following services:

  • A full line of paint brands and colours
  • A stock of colour cards to take with you, free of charge
  • Paint testers in all colours available to purchase

Comparing Your Preferences

Indeed, testing the paint colour first is important. To get a better idea of how a paint will appear, brush a coating on a small area of the wall. If you have not yet narrowed your paint choices to one colour, paint your selections next to one another to measure the differences. Leave a space between the samples.

Also, note that the current wall colour will affect the paint reading. Therefore, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Colours always appear darker when presented on a lighter backdrop and lighter against a darker backdrop. Painting the wall with two coats of paint will display a more accurate representation of the paint colour you select.
  • Keep in mind too that a colour is affected by light. Colours are darker or deeper in shadowed areas and less intense where they are displayed in natural sunlight.

By noting this information, you can repaint a space in your home with added confidence.


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