DIY Gardens to Inspire You


Your garden doesn’t just have to be a bit of patio and a patch of lawn. It needn’t be littered with kids plastic toys either. It can be a calm area to sit and relax at the end of a long day. You can use inspiration from all over the world to get going, from the zen gardens of Japan to traditional English kitchen herb gardens.

Water features

Water features in your garden needn’t be tacky. There is simply no need for fiberglass otters with glow-in-the-dark eyes. A water feature can fit in perfectly with your garden surroundings creating a zen-like atmosphere. There are many types of types of water features to choose from and they have the added bonus of attracting wildlife to the garden. If you are looking at creating a modern garden, use materials that reflect this atmosphere. A mirrored wall waterfall in clean glass can be really effective, and also give a small garden a reflective sense of space. Natural looking wall fountains in materials like slate will fit in perfectly with a more established garden, particularly if you use climbing plants like clematis around it.

DIY is achievable

DIY Garden Landscaping is the way forward, you don’t have to hire expensive contractors if you have the right tools and know how. Keep your ideas simple and you can let the flowers and plants in your garden do the talking. You will need to invest in some basic tools such as shears, a trowel, spade and secateurs. A wheelbarrow is also a good idea to dispose of any garden waste and also to move around topsoil. You can always hire any larger pieces of equipment you may need to carry out your garden project, this way you can keep costs to a minimum.

A space to socialize

The garden isn’t just somewhere where you hang out your washing. The garden can be a brilliant place to socialize with friends. It is worth setting up a central fire pit, surrounding by sleepers and cushions. It’s a simple, yet effective way to create a place to hang out with friends that doesn’t cost the earth. Pick a firepit in natural earthy colors and you can create a camping feel in your garden. Research a few easy campfire recipes, bring your marshmallows and enjoy the long summer evenings.
Even if you only have a small patch of land, with a little DIY and some inspiration you can transform your garden into a beautiful sanctuary.

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