The Disadvantages of Double Glazed Windows


Double glazed windows have become quite popular in today’s world of construction.

This has been because of their ability to control the temperature inside buildings, regardless of whether it is cold or warm, without the need of additional input.

This ability to control internal temperature and as a consequent result, reduce the energy expenses for the building’s owners, have made them quite a temptation for those who are interested in having new windows installed in their premises.

The trend is certainly growing, judging by the level of demand for double glazed windows in the market.

While the trends are certainly positive in terms of demand and the windows do have a lot of advantages to them, this isn’t without its downsides.

The fact is that double glazed glass windows have a lot of drawbacks compared to regular windows. Some of the most important of drawbacks to take into consideration are:

1.) Initial Cost

The initial cost of setting up the windows can prove to be quite expensive. This increase in cost is because of the fact that these windows require far more input in order to be built than what it would have cost for a normal window.

2.) Installation Cost

While there will be installation costs involved regardless of the kind of work that has been undertaken, the cost of installing double glazed glass windows is certainly high.

When compared to the installation costs of a normal window, double glazed windows cost a lot more due to the increased level of expertise that they require.

This will add up to the final cost, which can possibly go beyond what was initially planned in the budget.

3.) Maintenance Cost

There is an increased amount of maintenance that applies to the windows, depending on the material that is used.

If in case the material of choice happens to be vinyl or aluminum, the maintenance costs are negligible for the most part. About the only maintenance costs that will arise are the costs for the paintwork that will need to be done from time to time.

But if the material of choice happens to be something like wood, the maintenance cost can increase significantly, due to the biodegradable nature of wood. The wood will need to be protected from a wide variety of factors, from moisture and heat to termites.

4.) Energy Savings

The main reason for using double glazed glass windows is for the purpose of reducing the amount of money that is spent on energy. If the amount of money that is saved happens to be quite insignificant compared to the cost of the double glazed glass windows, the entire project will turn out to be a loss in the end.

The actual amount of savings that one benefits from should ultimately decide whether or not to go for these windows, as it will be quite useless to have them installed when the amount of cost savings are almost negligible.

As a whole, while double glazed glass windows happen to have a great deal of benefits, they come with their own set of drawbacks.

The final decision to use them or not will have to be taken by the end users, when they have properly weighed in all of the possible pros and cons.

If one chooses to ignore the disadvantages, it can prove to be financially disastrous in the long term, should there be any unexpected events somewhere down the road.

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